The Attraction Blueprint

Ideal For

Small business owners, Entrepreneurs, Service professionals, Business professionals, Brand managers, Marketing managers, Coaches, Consultants, Speakers, Trainers.

In this high impact presentation, Anurika speaks to audiences who are tired of waiting for customers to do business with them, or are frustrated about not getting the results they want, by sharing her proprietary PME Framework that moves participants towards the direction of their goals.

Participants at this presentation:
– Gain absolute clarity about their current business situation
– Understand why their business may be lacking the customers they desire
– Clearly articulate their strengths and core competencies
– Identify the opportunities that were there but they didn’t see before or did not know how to leverage
– Understand the power of networking and key collaborations
– Strategise and design a plan of action to help them achieve their immediate and long term goals
– How to stay committed to carry out each step that gets them to become relevant to their customers and remain unforgettable
– How to get customers to take action to buy from them and turn these customers to become their business advocates
– Understanding and effectively using the 5 stages of business model to grow their businesses

This program is available as: A 60 – 90 minutes presentation; A full or half day workshop.