The Customer Attraction System

Ideal For

Small business owners, Entrepreneurs, Service professionals, Business professionals, Brand managers, Marketing managers, and those who are nursing a new business idea.

No business owner wants to go through the painful experience of setting up a business, working hard at getting it to function optimally and make money and in the end, watch it fail. When this happens, which unfortunately is quite often, valuable time, money and effort is wasted. Many business owners are in this uncomfortable and rather unfortunate situation. Sometimes, the reasons for a non-performing business are simple. Other times, they are more complex.

In this inspiring and informative presentation, Anurika Azubuike shares a new way for business owners to think about what the right foundations for their businesses are, how they can avoid costly mistakes, and what they need to have in place to get noticed, make impact, make profit and grow.

Participants at this presentation learn:
– Why customers choose to buy from them
– How to match their brand competencies with the value expectation from their customers
– How to build a powerful and confident business brand that successfully attract customers and opportunities to them
– How to effectively communicate to their audiences towards action
– How to infuse their marketing efforts to build a profitable framework that drives repeat business

This program is available as: Full Day Seminar; A Half Day Intensive; A 60 – 90 minutes keynote speech/Breakout session; Panel discussion.