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Transforming Ordinary Businesses to Extraordinary

Anurika Azubuike is a Marketplace Innovation Strategist and a leading Business Growth and Transformation Expert who helps Business Founders radically transform their businesses through innovative business strategies and systems for scale and profit.

An inspiring speaker, author, mentor and trusted professional with over 17 years hands-on business experience, and 12 years in Marketing, Strategy, Brand Management, Business Development and Communications, working directly with Fortune 500 companies, small and medium sized businesses, and highly motivated individuals, she has a proven track record of delivering growth and creating transformational and sustainable results for brands and business profits.

Through her proprietary concept, Marketplace Alchemy, Anurika brings a fresh perspective to business success through tailored systems of moving ordinary businesses to extraordinary, highly profitable ecosystems.


5 Signs Your Business Might Continue to Remain Mediocre in 2020

One of the biggest things that stifles promising Businesses from optimal performance is Mediocrity. What is mediocrity in business? It is when a comp has the potential for so much ...
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Goldmine in Plain Sight

Since I first introduced Marketplace Alchemy as a unique body of work a couple of months ago, I have received a number of emails from curious Business Founders who want me to ...
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Researching your Customers saves you Money

Every successful business requires three things: - something of value that they will like to exchange for money - customers who buy from them - satisfied and happy customers who ...
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The Need for Clarity in your Business

What are you known for? How much money will you make this month? Why exactly are you in the business you are in? Would you do this even if you ...
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