Anurika Azubuike is a Leading Expert in Marketplace Alchemy

Anurika Azubuike is a Marketplace Innovation Strategist and a leading Business Growth and Transformation Expert who helps Business Founders radically transform their businesses through innovative business strategies and systems for scale and profit.

An inspiring speaker, author, mentor and trusted professional with over 17 years hands-on business experience, and 12 years in Marketing, Strategy, Brand Management, Business Development and Communications, working directly with Fortune 500 companies, small and medium sized businesses, and highly motivated individuals, she has a proven track record of delivering growth and creating transformational and sustainable results for brands and business profits.

Through her proprietary concept, Marketplace Alchemy, Anurika brings a fresh perspective to business success through tailored systems of moving ordinary businesses to extraordinary, highly profitable ecosystems.

With a passion for helping more Businesses succeed, she founded Customer Attraction Academy, a Community and Business Growth School for Entrepreneurs and Professionals learn the skills required to attract and keep more paying customers, through mentoring, coaching and advisory.

She is also the Publisher of The Founders Digest – an Insider Guide for Business Founders who have run their business for at least 5 years and want:

(i) to expand their business offerings so they can do more and in the marketplace to increase their revenue

(ii) to put systems in place so that the business can still be successful with, without and in spite of the Founder

(iii) to increase their earning potential after moving from a profitable position to an unprofitable position and staying stuck there in the last few years

She is the author of two books – Customer Attraction and The Profits Blueprint.